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Europe from space

Weather satellite images over Warsaw, Poland, Europe
from NOAA 15, 18, 19 and METEOR-M N2

Check the temperature, cloudiness and temperature of the ocean and sea surface in Europe. See weather in Poland, Germany, France and even Spain and Italy for Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome and other cities throughout Europe. Map coverage from the far north, Sweden and Norway to North Africa, Libya, Egypt. If they are not covered by clouds, you read the surface temperature of the North, Baltic, Black and Mediterranean seas. With a favorable satellite flight in the east, you can read the weather for the Caspian Sea. From the Meteor M2 satellite, everything is shown in the visible and high resolution band.
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Satellite images
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Europe from METEOR M2 Weather Satellite Europe from METEOR M2-2 Weather Satellite Europe from NOAA Weather Satellite

List of passes
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A fully automated receiving station based on Linux Debian and RTL-SDR for receiving weather satellite images from NOAA 15, 18, 19 and METEOR-M2 over Warsaw, Poland, Europe. Every day at 00:10 (CEST) the scheduler and list of passes are updated and set for the day.

METEOR-M2 has a priority. If the METEOR-M2 pass overlaps with the passage of any NOAA satellites, the radio for NOAA is turned off and METEOR-M2 decoding is started. If the NOAA satellites overlap, ie there are two satellites in the sky at the same time, the entire signal from the first one will be recorded. When first satellite disappears behind the horizon, the radio switches to the next satellite and the flight from that moment will be redorded. At the moment I have only one radio, I can not record each satellite separately when there are more than 2 objects in the sky at once.